first day of busy weekend

Feel free to laugh hollowly if you live down south and are used to [or suffer from] extreme heat frequently but Friday was really something weather-wise. In there city it was 102 with a heat index of 117 and I just about melted.

Not realizing how hot it was going to get, after work I did a mini garden tour on foot with some friends in the neighborhood. It was fun showing off my garden with the half completed herb garden but even more fun was walking through the neighborhood, looking at other yards and seeing other people's gardens.

The first was an entrancing jungle of plants all around a fabulous 3 sided screened room. The clematis, the kind with the more delicate small flowers, twining with the roses were wonderful. And there maybe some clematis cuttings in my future.

The second had some of the most fabulous hostas, with leaves the size of hubcaps, giving the space a lush tropical feel.

It was amazing to see all the different ways people 'see' their yards and gardens. And even more wonderful to enjoy them without having to work on them.

Both gardens had wisteria, which I love. That makes 3 times this year I have seen a wisteria in the neighborhood doing well so I am going to try one, I have confidence now that it can work.

I hope there is a shady, fragrant spot in your life if you need it.


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