cherries are coming

The cherry harvest has started. It seems late but July is a traditional time for cherries after all. The weather is being sweet for a couple of days, low dew points, lower temps and now I have a reason to turn on my oven...Clafoutis! This year my goddaughter will be around to try it so that means I'll be pitting my cherries.

We have also been scurrying around in the garden getting ready for my wife's party and taking advantage of the cooler temps we have right now. The paths in the new herb garden are all done. The flowers, vegetables and weeds are all growing like weeds. The food thanks to our favorite restaurant and my two sisters in law is all planned. The cakes are ordered. Hopefully the waterfall can be fixed by the party, though I wonder if anyone will brave the heat to go look at it.

Tomorrow we may get flooding rains and then the tropics come back so we are firmly living in the moment!

I hope you can find something sweet about July to help increase your joy. Peace out.


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