the heat just wows

Although I am no stranger to hot muggy summer weather July has been challenging me. In a way I feel less sensitive to it than I have in the past but then I realize that my brain seems to have vacated my head in a new way.

Which probably means that it's bothering me more but I don't have the brains left to notice it.

Which is a good thing? Maybe. My muscles sure loosen up quickly in this weather, so that's a plus.

Thanks to mobile phones I can check the weather in my neighborhood whenever I want and laugh. I am also realizing the heat island effect is alive and well this year.

The official high yesterday was 92, but it was 100+ for hours in my neighborhood and with the tropical dew points it felt hotter than that. And now my melted brain can't remember if 'hotter' is really a word...

back to coddling my sore hip, keep chill all.


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