In the Zone

Word count = 36,009

A quick check in to rejoice over my word count. I am still behind at this moment [by 4K] but it seems all very doable at this point. I am in the writing zone and having so much fun!

Nanowrimo is so different every year for me. Although this year is not yet over I am already noticing the lessons and quirks of 2012.

in past years I have missed many days of writing during the month. This year I have written 22 of the 24 days thus far. Some days had tiny totals but I did write. This rhythm feels very odd to me. I am not sure if I like it or not. It certainly gave me more of the 'I am writing horrible stuff' feeling, stretched it out. In fact for awhile I was moving so slowly I wondered if I would simply run out of time even though the will was there.

Much like working a program I kept bringing my focus back down to that day, that hour, that paragraph and let go of the word count. Over and over again. It was challenging.

But if I do win Nano this year, and barring a catastrophe I will, I will have learned a new type of progress. In fact if for some reason I don't win I still have learned something. Now I feel humbled and rather choked up.

None Nano content --> Thanksgiving was wonderful around here, I was grateful to not host and for all the love and fabulous food. I hope that you all had the kind of Thanksgiving that suited you best. xo


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