My favorite won

So there was an election last week, did you all know?

Of course you knew, I wonder if there was anyway to live in this country and not know? I did my best to hold to my new years resolution of 'view no political tv ads' but one slipped by me, it was so pleasant and non-strident I didn't realize what it was until it was almost over. Oh and one slipped by online as well. [does that count?]

Still it's a good resolution which I will keep striving towards. I pity anyone living in Ohio, I hear the ad wars were hell there.

So if you have been reading me these past years you know that politics is not my thing. You may make some guesses about the causes that interest me and you would probably be right... and of course I am pleased about what happened in Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington. I believe that all [tax paying] adults should have the same rights. Ok even if you don't pay taxes.

Even without the ad watching I still had to witness people freaking out and it was painful. I may get teary-eyed over the possibility of my third wedding [to the same woman] but the real highlight for me was this

 --- Math won.   xkcd says it best  

So happy about the Math I forgot to report on my word count => 14780 words.  I always seem to fall behind when I go out of town, not too worried.


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