The 25 hour birthday

The thing about the 25 hour birthday is that it's awesome but.. well there is no but, it's fabulous all the way around. 

Time changes can be problematic for us all, but it always fun to feel like you are getting an hour 'back' and the timing this year was such fun for me.

I could get up 'early' on my birthday but it wasn't really early. It felt like a spacious, magical, wonderful time all day long. True the weather was not as stellar as it has been the past few years on my bday. I don't think it got above 50 F but that didn't seem to matter on the 25 hour birthday. 

I was up early enough to see the sun, I had presents and cards from my family. My clever wife replaced the watch in my battery as one of my gifts which was so great. It gave me my watch back and saved me an errand. We had a decadent tea party and ruined everyone's dinners. I got tons of birthday wishes and flowers and presents... and I enjoyed being able to remember how much I love people and how much love there is in my life.

What can I say, apparently that 25th hour contains extra mush.

[Oh and there was writing! Word count ==> 7813]


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