some Room at some Inn?

Blogger seems to be unhappy. It's not letting me put a title line strange. updated later

but I'm still going to do a post about my hotel issues. Really the problem is that there are too many choices!! Way too many. Since it is mainly, perhaps exclusively, my family and friends who will be coming in from out of town and using hotels the ball is pretty much in my court. [and I am ducking and hiding behind the goal]

My family would like to have a hotel where they can all meet up for breakfast or after hours in a bar for time spent together. I of course live here so I have never really stayed in a hotel in this area. There are advantages to staying at one of the airport hotels, it's near the Mall of America if they are inclined to shop and only about 6 miles to the house, 8 to church. But there are about 20 to choose from. Trying to look at the reviews on TripAdvisor almost made my head explode.

Or perhaps people would enjoy being downtown more? Again about 20 hotels to choose from with review to try to sort through. The price is pretty much the same between the two locations and it's about 4 miles to our house and church.

Or there is a lovely hotel just a mile from our house next to the hospital but we went and looked at it and I thought it was really pricey for some quite small rooms. They can get a much bigger suite at the same price near the airport.

Then there is the issue of price in general, I of course cannot guess what people want to spend. After feeling overwhelmed for several hours yesterday I realize I am just going to have to pick a few options and people are going to have to figure it out for themselves. They can probably get thing cheaper by pricelining it in the first place.

But the task isn't done yet. It just seems to be an example of one of those things that takes way longer than what I had thought.


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