songs and websites

Well now it's 3 months and counting. There is a lot still to do. Some things seem to take a lot longer than I would have guessed, not sure if this is our fault. Could we be more efficient? The 'countdown' clock says 91 days, that isn't much.

My niece understandably wants us to decide on the ceremony music so that she can learn the vocals, so we have been spending a lot of time pondering that. I tried to get suggestions from her, I was thinking maybe something she already knew might be perfect for us but she went mum and insisted we pick out what we wanted. Sweet and stressful all at the same time. We knew we wanted something joyful, loving. We really wanted something that we were familiar with, something that would be meaningful for us.

One thing we quickly realized is that when you are listening to songs for your wedding you judge then in a whole other way. My honey adores Bob Dylan, and he has lots of love songs but after some concentrated effort we couldn't find one that 'fit'. Or something. Other favorite musicians are Ferron and Melissa Ferrick we love them but for the most part the they do not do happy love songs. And then there was the hunt for sheet music. We adore Kristen Hall's "wish I may" but as far as I can tell there is no sheet music available for it.

So our possible list dwindles. Right now we think it's going to be Nick Drake's "Northern Sky" and Loreena McKinnett's "Never-ending Road". Thanks IB and my master bridal ninja for the suggestions. Drake's songbook is on order and I have to call Quinlan Road to get the LM one. Hopefully it's all decided now.

Another thing I went back and forth on is a wedding website. Finally faced with the idea of mailing information packets to the 40 or so out of town guests we are planning on inviting or putting up one site and sending postcards. Guess which won? Then I proceeded to let go of the idea of lovingly crafting our website from scratch and went with a template. So that is almost done. If anyone has a burning desire to view it let me know and I'll send you the password.

Shoe update: after my tell-all shocking revelation you are probably wondering about my shoes... well I shopped and shopped. I have a witness even. I managed to get one pair of clark springers at DSW, which are both sandal and shoe like. I feel that I can now put off tennis shoe shopping until autumn. I also found a pair of plum strappy sandals with a nice square heel at the consignment shop for 4.50. The price was right but they are so strappy I am not sure I can handle them for the all day at the wedding, so that hunt will continue.


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