outed by e-ring

Ah blogger is now letting titles go on again.

Has anyone ever had a parent [any parent] tell you 'once you are a parent you are always out'? This meaning of course that once your offspring starts talking any ideas of keeping quiet about your gayness pretty much falls by the wayside. I had a serious gf once with a little girl and I found this to be true.

No one ever told me that an e-ring does the same thing. It won't keep quiet about anything anywhere. When I fell in love with my antique e-ring I didn't think much about what that ring was going to be saying to people right in front of me...whether I wanted it to or not. And of course it doesn't help that my e-ring, unlike my sweetie's, is to my surprise a diamond. It says a lot without speaking a word of english. I am also fairly committed to wearing it on my 'wedding' finger during my engagement as a sign of my transition, but would I have made that choice if I had known how it babbles on? and on and on...

It tells people I am 'taken', and if they are noticing types they see I am not wearing a band as well so they assume I am not married yet. [taken in? taken where? taken not stirred?] It lies and tells people that I am straight since it is so traditional in style. Thus making me run around behind it clarifying things when something gets verbalized. No, I am marrying X, here is her picture. oh I thought you knew I was gay. It makes me come out over and over again all the frickin heck over the place. It is exhausting. It sneaks up on me, it makes me panic when I feel I am in a vulnerable place. 'do they know, can I tell them now, I have to work with these people and so forth...' and 'will I have to add them to the constantly growing guest list'? And the queer people who assume I am straight won't even lightly flirt with me anymore, this ring is so misleading its silly.

I had no idea a piece of metal and rock could be so freakin chatty. I just wish I had the editorial rights. Looked at in the right light it is hilarious. I just wanted to find a not too expensive ring that I really liked and would enjoy wearing. I got that but I had no idea there was a megaphone attached to it.


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