away with shoulds

My steady avoiding of a 'should' kept me from blogging for over a year. You know those shoulds I bet, even though yours are probably different from mine.

"you should really offer to help wrap presents" "you really should let that feeling go" and so on.

My blog should: 'you can't stop in the middle of honeymoon posts! you should finish them'.
Finally I admit publicly I can't write anymore about the past because my memory is not that good.

the briefest recap of what I do remember:

We had a wonderful, wonderful honeymoon in Victoria. We had a fabulous Canadian wedding, where previously unknown friends of friends made our second wedding fabulous, full of heart felt yumminess and were witnesses. Getting married outside, signing the legal document, getting the certificate in the mail, all of it awesome. Butchart gardens are amazing, see them if you can. Fog delays planes. Virginia we wear the hats in the winter, and Dorothy we use and love the pewter spoon for parties.
hey wait I minute I found a partially written post with a few details about honeymoon Friday:
I think this was the morning I actually managed to sleep later than 6 am. It was pretty nice. Breakfast I think was french toast which was good but far too sweet for me since I don't eat sugar. Luckily we had cheese and nuts in the fridge in our kitchen.
We left after breakfast to hit the local shopping center. I wanted to pick up a few things for the wedding and my sweetie did a load or two of laundry. Those bikes were so great for using around Victoria. I bought some red roses and tied myself up a bouquet and we got dressed. The weather was fabulous, sunny and warm, we were so happy we would be able to get married outside in the garden right near our patio.
In some ways this was the wedding we wanted. We didn't need to take guests into consideration. I can certainly see the attraction of eloping or having tiny weddings with just a few people. We filled out the paperwork on the license ahead of time. That was pretty cool too. I wore a simple dress it was ivory [again] which really surprised me. My sweetie decided to wear just black pants, white shirt and her black silk blazer, a totally different look from the wedding at home.

If you are wondering about getting married I say go for it!
anyway back to 2009.

I guess really I don't miss being engaged. I actually had to stop typing and think about it.
I love, love, love being married. Now we have 2 anniversaries to celebrate, heck 3 since we also celebrate the day we met. I still love my rings though occasionally I forget to wear them.

In the upcoming days I hope to blog about [though not all in one day I hope]
--what I am currently knitting
--learning to spin with a spindle instead of wheel
--becoming a great aunt in 2008
--letting go of fear
--how happy I am the Obama will be president soon
--elderly parents and loving them
--enjoying your crazy family
--yoga and qi gong
--how not to avoid journalling
--extreme self care
--making art
--traditional whole food cooking
and who knows what else


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