Universal Miscommunication?

Usually the universe and I communicate well. It nudges me, seemingly at random. But if the nudge, glimpse or mention comes from several disparate places within a short period of time I pay attention. [sometimes it can be a push]

I do realize a convincing argument can be made for my subconscious nudging me, after picking up various barely noticed information and processing it then spitting out ideas and/or solutions. But it's my brain so I call it talking to the Universe.

I had the strongest feeling that I could get some much needed shopping done last night for cheap. That totally worked out. I found some high quality, low cost pants that I really needed. Very pleased.

I also thought I was being nudge about that book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes. I had heard mention of it from several completely unrelated places so I did what I normally do and reserved it at the Library. I am not a big book buyer anymore. I had another nudge and remembered I had a Barnes&Noble gift card, so while I was out shopping I picked it up, I even had exactly the right amount on the card. I thought it was meant to be.

I read the first 4 chapters last night and I pretty much have a resounding 'mmph' response. First I was not unaware that actual hands on time for making bread is extremely low. Especially when you have a kitchen aid with a dough hook. This is the 'big' secret of the book, that and the fact that they get it down to 5 minutes.

I was slightly put off by the rather tv commercial type of sales pitch in the text. Or was I imagining it? After all I have already bought the book [presumably]. I remembered how bread is actually not something I need to eat daily. I thought my beloved pets in the fridge [sour dough starter] got kind of dissed by the authors as being "so much work".  I don't like to use white flour.

Basically I am not impressed but perhaps I will feel differently after reading more. I can't think why the universe would have steered me toward this book. Surely some silly astrology thing that I totally don't believe in doesn't effect universal communications? Could it?

Moving on, it's much warmer and we are going skiing tomorrow. The stew is made and it's flavors are mingling for tomorrow night. I found golden beets to roast for the salad. We managed to figure out how to get the funky leaves in the table yet again. I cleaned the forks. All systems are go for a great Saturday. I hope everyone else will have a great weekend as well.


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