before I forget again

I just want to get the word out in all possible ways. My phone is dead. Has been for a week now. Phones just do not like getting wet at all. I am trying very hard to not be furious with myself, you know for being human and making a mistake but that can be a hard pattern to overcome.

I am pretty down about this and also it's now way harder to get hold of me, email is your best bet because it will be a few more days before I get a new one. sigh.

It all seems to be going at once. The oven is dying, it took forever to get it to 350 on Saturday, we have a strange burning smell coming from the dishwasher [we stopped running it] and we already know our ancient washer is on borrowed time.

I may be an appliance whore but this is making me feel pretty overwhelmed with it happening all at once. ah well. At least with the appliances it's mostly age.

and I can't seem to remember to feed those trolls even though I bought the beer... I love the grim yuletide stories though.


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