nanowrimo ends and winter holiday season begins

December is here, Nanowrimo is officially done for another year. This means that the winter holiday season has begun. And my brain is regaining a bit of lost ground.

I hit the ground running Monday morning less than 12 hours after I won nanowrimo. My dear friend and I had our annual "shopping--spend time together" trip.

It was a rainy warm day and we got quite a bit accomplished. It was really helpful for me, I had tried to think of gifts for people beforehand but I was just feeling stuck. The act of shopping, having someone to exchange views and ideas with was so helpful. It all seems doable now.

Also it was just plain old fun. We had a long a fabulous lunch and did our best to catch up on each other. That didn't happen fully but at least we made a start. We made plans for other holiday gatherings and learned something new about ourselves; we are open to bribery. [at least it was new to me] My wife treated us all to take out so that she didn't need to cook that night. We quickly caved in to her bribe/suggestion.

I returned home exhausted and satisfied about 12 hours after I had left that morning. Truly one of my favorite things this tradition. I am so grateful there are no health issues this year to interfere with it. Now onto addressing those holiday cards. I just can't help it, I love them. Call me a kook.


Máire said...

You didn't think you were the sort to take a Szechuan bribe? I can TOTALLY be bribed with Szechuan food.

Tree is up, on to cards for me as well. Wait, whaddya mean 'up' means decorated too? There, I threw a stray piece of yarn onto it. Where are those cards?

engagedbliss said...

Maire, you are inspiring me as usual, I'm hoping to go out and get the tree this weekend.

As for bribery, I guess I am not that surprised now that I think of it, being bribed with Szechuan food makes total obvious sense, I have just never thought of it before :)

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