an old fashioned December

If you heard about Minneapolis getting a tons of snow this weekend know that they did not lie. Eighteen inches in less than 24 hours is a hell of a lot of snow. Especially when neither snow blower/thrower wants to work and you have to resort to shoveling it all.

Since we only own one snow shovel we pretty much spread out the work between three of us and it is incredible pretty. The drifts are huge and sculpted and beautiful. Many neighbors took pictures. [that is actually our truck with the huge drift] Which is great because we all know I suck at taking pictures and getting them online.

There was a ton of wind as the snow fell, it was actually a blizzard there for awhile even in the city with all the buildings to block the wind. The buses stopped running and many performances were canceled Saturday night. I guess the show doesn't go on if the audience risks death to get there? [But then my unruly mind wonders about theatre in London during the blitz of WWII]

Although the snow threw me off a bit this weekend, I didn't get my father's candy made or shop or finish my cards or or or, still I am happy about the snow. Nothing makes me more grumpy than to have a snow-less December. I feel that if I live up here in the far north, I better have a white winter solstice or else. [Else move to somewhere tropical] If the snow all wants to disappear come January that would be fine. If not we'll try out our new skis, you know if it warms up above 10 degrees at some point.

Stay warm all!


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