trying the blackbird

So last night was resiliency follow up and beforehand I went out to dinner with a friend. We hit the newly opened Blackbird Cafe and had a nice time but that may have been due to the company not the food.

My gnocchi was wonderful although the truffles were extremely understated. My shitake short ribs were tasty. My companion said her food was very good. And perhaps they are still trying to get their feet under them, what with being so newly reopened? We were there very early, 5 pm, and the place was virtually empty, but it took almost a half hour for them to take our order. Then they made a mistake on it, which they quickly fixed. It felt very scattered somehow.

The menu was so eclectic, I found it confusing. Or was it just me and my mood that night?
As you can tell it was all very mixed for me. But I would try it again, definitely, although I will not be in a hurry. I'd be interested in hearing how it goes for anyone else at the new Blackbird.

For anyone wondering I never visited it in it's old location before the fire so I can't compare it to 'back then'.

oh and before I forget Mr Tuffy says purr


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