Errands done and the guest list grows

A bunch a little things got done. DF wrote a out a bunch of the save the dates. I was amazed that her printing can be readable if she wants. She thought of several people she wants to invite that weren't on the tentative list. It will be interesting to see how many people we end up with. 30 save-the-dates got mailed and more postcard stamps were bought. Total for the whole project still under $20. At least 10 addresses need to be gathered though.

We stopped in at Bloomingdales to look at flatware. We registered at Bloomingdales online because there are only 2 places to register for Villeroy & Boch Cellini china which we both love. Me especially. We found a stainless flatware that we both like, DF especially so we went for it. It is really pretty. Surprisingly it is also by Villeroy & Boch. Septfontaines Satin. I added it to our registry online tonight. We are also in need of linens, those that we have are on their way out, so we will probably register at Bed, Bath and Beyond for stuff like that. and maybe a Dyson... So that is good. I'll let my family know and if people ask then they'll hear about it. We will not be sending any information about registries in any mailing or invitations. We'll act pleasantly surprised and thrilled with gifts and everyone will get a handwritten thank you, darn it.

We stopped at DSW so that DF could try on the same shoes that I bought in her size. I had to laugh, she was walking around with one copper one and one pale gold [champagne] one too. She ended up buying both to try with her dress. I love the copper too so I understood her pain. When we got home it was obvious that the champagne ones just looked smashing with her dress. I wish I had an outfit that needed those copper ones.

Next we start on cakes. I hope I don't need to do any shopping for awhile now.


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