Olive and Bronze and Brown

I love colour and patterns. This comes out in my knitting, clothing, home decor -- I get joy in noticing and playing with colour.  Even when it's temporary -  play doh with the little ones.

Recently I noticed some colour weirdness.  

The first was my 'new' trench coat. It's brown, it was brown when I bought it at a local consignment store. I wear lots of brown and autumnal colours and it goes with everything. It stays brown except when I am out in natural light, then it turns olive.  It's a synthetic fabric.

Then I got my new shoes, adorable olive green herringbone suede flats. I love them. The lining is olive green as well. They go with tons of my clothing and they are comfortable. When I wear them out in natural light they turn brown.

If I am in a mixture of natural and artificial light then both are a bronze colour. In-between.

Yet I have lots of brown and olive pieces of clothing and shoes that never change shade. Why do these?

It's the strangest thing.


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