New wallet and a theory

I have had a simple black leather wallet for years.  My sweet wife bought it for me as a 'anniversary of the day we met' years ago.  It's lovely leather, not too big and does everything a wallet should do. It's not exciting which is fine. I never thought about wallets really.

But in the past month someone was writing about choosing a new wallet, It had to be a bright color so that she could find it easily in her purse. This sounds brilliant to me. I hate it when I can't find things in my handbag. So I decided to keep my eye out at thrift/consignment stores for a bright wallet.

Yesterday I found a great snakeskin leather wallet for less than $7 dollars... in chartreuse. It is a great size, good quality and looks like it has never been used. The interior and exterior is pristine. I cleaned out my old wallet last night and put the necessaries in the new one.

So I am ready to test this theory. Will this [obnoxiously] bright color make my wallet easier to find? Time will tell.


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