the Honeymoon-Monday

Sunday evening we went for a short walk to Fisherman's wharf. Just to stretch our legs and be in Canada. Victoria is wonderful. It is cool and blustery.

We wake up on Monday, on our honeymoon in Canada. We have a fabulous breakfast of individual cranberry apple souffles and try to plan our day. Everyone in the B&B is super nice. It was kind of fun seeing the different people come and go, we were there 7 days. This is the day Canadians celebrate thanksgiving so it's a holiday for everyone. We have been looking at maps and talking. We want to look at the town, get some Canadian money. After an abortive start due to a forgotten wallet we go downtown and rent bikes so that we can get around more easily. We find the Internet cafe and check emails. DW send emails about a mutual Victorian friend, and I email officiants. We look poke into stores looking for a replacement dress and just looking. We find several downtown thrift stores, but they are all closed for the holiday.

I am frustrated and unsure what to do about the dress but other than that it is fun. There is sunshine and the harbor. We have some fabulous Chinese food for lunch and try to learn about the layout of the town and decide on the kind of things we want to do.

Find a grocery store and buy some staples like cheese and crackers and tea. We hang out in our digs, our Victorian friend has tried to call. I'll call my HN and tell her I don't have my dress. She assures me it is in my suitcase, somewhere between laughing and crying I assure her it's not. She was equally sure I had packed it. I give her the house sitter's number and ask her to go over to the house to see if she can find the dress. I'll call the house-sitter to give warning and apologize for any inconvenience. Roaming charges in Canada are pretty high I find out later. Luckily we have a phone in our room for all local calls.

I wonder around the public parts of the house a bit, it is all fabulous. DW had her first talk with our Victorian friend, hereby called VF. She gives us a long list of stuff to check out and things to do in Victoria. [we would need a month to do it all] We leave getting dinner until kind of too late and we are starving at 8:30. Because of the holiday we really should have been more organized. We eat fish in a hotel restaurant and it's not bad. We are just happy to be getting fed at that point. We walk home happy and fed and have a great night.


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