Hair Today

So there seems to big a hair component to weddings. Or I could just speak for myself and say there is certainly a hair component to mine.

One of my attendants who has some of the most beautiful hair in the world is very nervous about how her hair is going to look for the wedding. My other attendant got hers done in a special color on the optimum day before the wedding. . I know that I don’t want to wear a veil but I don’t want to wear my hair the same every day way. This is not a simple option. Veils are the simple option. Even my fiancĂ©e is planning something for her naturally wavy locks which she is not sharing. I have no idea.

I had to have ‘test’ hair done since I was so unclear what I wanted to do. I panicked when I realized fresh flowers would not actually look good in my hair. I taught myself how to make my own hair vine. [Heck, I may start offering them online for brides who don’t want to pay an ungodly amount for one] I got a migraine from all the ‘product’ that was put into my hair and had to wash it out an hour later thereby ruining some of the ‘test’.

Perhaps it isn’t really about hair though. Or the fact that dozens of pictures will be taken.. Maybe hair is just the medium in which all of our nervousness can express itself. Because we are nervous and excited. We want to look good, we want to show this is a special day for us. We don’t want to cringe at the pictures afterwards that will help jog our memories.

We can’t quite believe we are doing this. We sometimes wish we were just eloping. We feel honored that so many friends and family are going to so much effort, are supporting and loving us. We are a bit sad the journey is almost over. We are quite tired. We want to have a great time. We are shocked at some of the things people say. We need a vacation.

Basically it’s a lot. And it seems that when we are overloaded we divert ourselves by focusing on hair. I now have a new understanding and attraction to wigs.


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