Memory Moon

la bella luna

Weddings seem to be a great time for memories. My mum has been remembering and sharing about falling in love and marrying Dad 60+ years ago. She has been remembering my older sisters getting married in the 70’s. She has been remembering all the weddings she helped out with when she was a florist before most places had wedding coordinators.

She has looked at the harvest moon and remembered it was the same type/look of moon when she was falling in love with Dad. I smiled to think that it was the same moon! Imagine to the moon the 60+ years of my parents relationship has been like a blink of an eye but to them it has been the greater part of a lifetime. For me it’s been a constant all my life thus far like the moon.

It’s pretty unlikely I will be with my sweetie 60 years. My mom got married when she was barely 21, I am much older. And it’s very hard to tell near the beginning of a relationship what the life span will be. All I can hope is that our love will deepen and mature, be lasting like the moon


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