the wedding weekend, saturday part II

Part II

-I do my best to pass out corsages and gifts and thank yous. [why on earth I didn’t give that job to someone else I can’t think now]
-photographer is taking pictures of dressing and decorations etc…
-FG delivers food from coop, she is late [and not dressed] because coop had given away part of our sandwhich order.
-although I don’t realize it until the next day that my mother is the only one who didn’t get her flowers, I’m amazed that no one else noticed. [I’m still bummed about that]

-DF arrives 1:30 or so to finish getting ready, very upset she is so late, poor sweetie
-her make up artist totally flaked out on her
-I am so relieved HN and I did makeup appt. on Wednesday and recreated it ourselves
-DF’s moh and mom arrive, they aren’t dressed, the flakey make up artist affected them as well.
-I explain to sweetie that her family cannot dress in the brides room due to lack of space + soaring heat suggest alternatives none of which are really any better
-me and my HN exit brides room so that moh can help DF dress
-since most of us are ready, my ‘side’ starts taking pictures
-it’s way too hot in room for moh, she leaves room to try to find a cool place in the church
–the steamer I brought comes in handy, moh dress is horribly creased
-I help my sweetie dress, she looks wonderful

-HU has found her true calling and is organizing her ushers into a well oiled machine
-some kind of Mexican stand off is going on between relatives on both sides over the lack of space to dress in, my sweetie feels badly, I realize there is nothing I can do and my fog is still holding
-no blood was spilt by anyone in said standoff, eventually everyone is dressed.
-sweetie asks me to fix her moh’s hair. The blood of several generations of barbers runs in my veins so I go for it and it looks nice.
-group shoe picture taken…
-more and more pictues are being taken, snacks being eaten by those who need it and I am putting down large amounts of water.
-we get lots of couple pictures taken [I can’t wait to see them!]
-DF’s ‘side’ does pictures
-HU tells me not to panic, cake has not arrived. my fog is holding, I ask the time 3:10
-I explain the cake is only 10 minutes late and give the baker’s phone number.

-everything gets pictured and done, cake arrives, I eat half a sandwich and drink water
-we skip taking couple pictures outside in garden in soaring heat
-I apologize to photographer, who is also a friend, for all the lateness and confusion, she assures me it is usually much worse
-alone in room, about 10 minutes to go major stage fright kicks in, I am exploring windows for more air while almost in a panic attack


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