monday frustrations

It's just been kind of a frustrating Monday. I thank the goddess I got to work from home today so that I could do any eye rolling in private.

Let's see the dates for the India trip are still not finalized. The lead at the meeting didn't seem too concerned still plenty of time [to buy plane tickets] It did not seem to occur to her that perhaps some of us have, well lives and lots of duties and people outside work that we need to plan for and around. I may need to send her a gentle nudge via email.

I got a very strange phone call that turned out to be legitimate but the caller was so overly friendly in a cold sales call [or scammer] way that every alarm went off for me. [kind of funny to be suspicious of friendliness but I hope you know what I mean] I told him I would have to verify who he was and hung up the phone. Going by my cell phone log he had called before but never left a voice mail message which also seems very unbusiness-like to me.

I was able to verify with my insurance who he was, but you know I wouldn't have had to do it if they had told me in the first place that they wanted to inspect the wood stove at the cottage. Still I am glad to know he wasn't some scammer trolling for information on me.

A co-worker got very agitated when I asked her for information. She was very pessimistic and upset, though since none of the decisions were made by me, I bore no blame. But I spent a lot of time and emails trying to soothe her down and find out when she was going to be able to complete the tasks I told her about months ago and which are now due in 2 weeks. Perhaps she was just defensive because she totally forgot what I had said many months ago and it came out kind of sideways. Just another reason to be happy that my lead returns from maternity leave next Monday. I can't wait.

Well the other frustrations are even more petty so I won't immortalize them, instead I am off to the local nursery to find some things to plant! And maybe make some risotto. More reports later.


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