wallpaper, weather, and ticks

There you go the 3 things that encapsulate our cottage experience currently.

There is a wallpaper border in every room and the whole bathroom is wallpapered. Being an old hand at wallpaper removal I was not daunted. I bought a circa 1905 house in 1989 that had wallpaper in every room, including some ceilings. Here it was mostly just borders so I started pulling and scraping with a light heart.

These are borders with the strength of 10! I did a pitiful few feet of border removal with bucket and sponge, it took hours. I returned last week with a friend's wallpaper steamer, this helped but it was still hellish and slow. All of the LR is done. I view doing the bedrooms and bathroom with some skepticism. I think it's all going to take longer than what we hoped. I have pictures of the border that is now gone. I think most will agree it had to go!

The weather was rather gloomy most of the weekend. It was absolutely beautiful when we had to leave. I have heard that this is common and something to just get used to...but really it was uncanny. You start to pack the car, walk down to the lake to say good bye and out pops the sun. It feels 10 degrees warmer and it makes leaving for work stuff just that much harder.

The ticks are one thing I don't mind leaving behind when I am not at the lake. They are out full force and we tick check each other every night. Since we are in a Lyme's disease area we even put Frontline on Rosie, but we still find the occasional tick on her. It is really something and I am such a bug wimp.

Two quotes to share. From a Mother Earth article:
"the only good spider is an outside spider".
and from a sign:
"Unattended children will be given espresso and a free puppy".
I stood for 5 minutes laughing after I read it.


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