Water Works

We did it! Ok I did it. The water in the cabin has been turned on, and aside from slight flooding in the utility room [which was totally my own fault] it is working great.

I even got intimate with the hot water heater and figured out how to light it. It is amazing what a bed and running water does for a girl. It also made me feel a boat load of gratitude. There are how many people on the planet who don't have running water? Tens of thousands, millions? Mind blowing. They have no choice and they live their lives and ... well let's just say a big boat load of gratitude. We are fortunate.

The weather was decent. The wall paper borders are adhering with ferocity. A lot of primo work was done on the steps to the lake and a railing added. The ticks are everywhere, and yes it is in an area where there is Lyme's disease. Lots were pulled off the dogs, even the dog who had the frontline. We ate out 3 times! in 3 days. It's really hard to cook meals when you kitchen is barely set up with essentials. I don't know that May is going to be a bid sucess as far as 'no eating out'.

And then there was the spider. It was big and surprised me in the bathroom at a vulnerable moment. I could joke and say it was the size of a chevy or a kitten. I could be more accurate and say it was the size of a field mouse. But when I tell people it was the largest spider I have ever seen outside of a zoo, that seems to convey just how big it was. The conscious part of my brain was totally bypassed when I saw it and I went into flight mode and fled the bathroom, speechless. She [I assume] is no more. I am not proud of this. I ask all spiders publicly to stay in the ample wooded area surrounding our abode not in the house and then we can all coexist.


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