DC memorial day weekend

Well my darling and now official goddaughter has now been baptized, confirmed and had her first communion. Those Ukrainian catholics do not fool around, it gets done all at once though not quickly. It is a lengthy ceremony with several parts during the service. It includes total immersion and three blessed oils and a presentation at the alter and stuff at the church door and stuff I can't even remember

Kat was so good, it was remarkable. It was quite the challenging weekend for such a little person but she got through the heat, humidity, her first food, tummy upsets and all. The love and devotion lavished on her by all of us probably helped.

It was so nice to see some of my family even for such a short time. It was really nice to be in a big Eastern city again. The weather was not very nice but I was expecting hot humid weather so it didn't disappoint. Really everything went amazingly well, even the glitches got taken care of somehow. We never made it to the Smithsonian but since I was there less than 36 hours that wasn't much of a surprise.

I loved the townhouses, each painted their own colour. I loved the metro system, I loved the hills and the walking. The food was good as well. The hotel was expensive but quite lavish for the price. I missed Rome the last big city I visited.

I have to say I love being a godmother and I bet it just going to get better from here on out.


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