water and mailboxes

We only spent Saturday at the cottage last weekend. There were several reasons for this. The main one though was my wife, who is getting treated for allergies. Part of the treatment is avoiding the thing you are allergic to for several days after treatment. She is allergic to aspen and birch tree pollen and she got treated for this. Then she thought about our cottage, which stands in the middle of a birch and aspen forest, and realized staying a whole weekend up there was not the best idea. So plans changed. A bit disappointing but oh well.

We did do the most pressing cottage task. We put up our new mailbox and informed the post office that we did so. It was just another layer of 'wow, we have a cottage on a lake'. It's really a bit mind blowing at times.

We also got the green light from those who know to turn on the water system at the cottage. We didn't do this Saturday since we were there for such a short time, but it's wonderful to think we'll have running water the next time we are there. Scary as well, what if something leaks? Several somethings? What if that running water goes where we do not want it? Quite the little crap shoot the first time we turn it on and experience any and all issues that we'll be finding for the very first time. But still toilets can be beautiful things.

We also saw tons of people with their boats getting ready for the WI fishing opener. It like a whole different world up there sometimes.


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