Cherries! local as it gets

We are big cherry fans and when Carolyn got her Phd a few years ago she got a cherry tree as a gift from a good friend. Since we are up north it is a tart cherry tree and it is doing fabulously. We will probably need a net to protect it by next year though. The birds do find it interesting.

It is still a very small tree but we picked a whole bowl full yesterday. Not quite enough for a pie. So we have been plotting what to do with them. I don't know if it's because of the variety or what but they were very easy to pit. I have never had fresh sour cherries before so I am far from an expert. But in the vast majority of the cherries I was able to grasp the stem in one hand and kind of pinch the cherry in the other and the pit popped out still attached to the stem.

I am thinking a small cherry clafouti [if I can bear to turn the oven on] and a lightly cooked cherry puree that can be used as ice cream topping or in muffins and so forth. I know that eating cherries are the traditional fruit for a clafouti but I can't wait to try tart cherries in one.

Update: It just amazes me how lightly cooking tart cherries improves them. The puree is beyond yummy, hopefully it will get used in stuff and I won't just sit at the table and eat it all.

It just seems so amazing to me to be getting food out of our own yard, especially fruit. I feel so tapped in and exhausted all at the same time. I am also realizing that I will be missing a lot when I am in India during August.


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