sleep is missing

Before I forget, go grill some veggies. Don't wait, you'll love it. They are to die for that way. The kohlrabi was exquisite grilled. I found myself munching on a piece while I was getting ready for work even.

We have mostly eaten our way through the huge amount of veggies we had in the fridge. Which is good because our roommate is coming home from France and she needs to be able to get her food in there.

This is the tiredest I have been in a long time. Is tiredest even a word? I can't even tell at this point. I am doing some preparatory training for work remotely with the people in India. Since they are 10.5 hours ahead of us I was waking myself up at 4 am, so that I could start my class at 5:30. Now I am a zombie. Friday I get to wake up even earlier.

It is very strange training long distance, especially when you can't actually see the people who you are training. I just realized it's a little bit like blogging. hmm, I would think about that if I was able. As it is I think I'll just go sit in a heap until bedtime, maybe stare at the garden.


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