CSA and hot lips

So our weekly CSA continues to be wonderful and inspiring and tiring at times.

We had another big bunch of cilantro in our box which for some reason made me think of pad thai. I couldn't find any of the 1/4 inch wide rice noodles so I made do with the vermicelli, and managed to stir up a fairly tasty dish that had only one problem. I have burnt my lips from eating it. Now granted I still ate a huge plateful of my thai noodle dish along with just barely sauteed fresh peas on the side, so I guess I am not that badly burnt but whoo doggy.

I have now bought Mark Bittman's "how to cook everything vegetarian" and even though I am not a vegetarian it is helping me use and think about getting veggies into my diet in a serious way. He is the man who taught me how to make risotto so I turned to him for pad thai. His recipe says to add two chopped thai peppers at the end. Since I am a medium spicy kind of gal I wasn't sure that was a good idea. I looked at his handy pepper chart and saw that thai peppers are rated 'very hot' so at the coop I bought jalapenos instead.

When I was getting everything chopped up before cooking I also followed his recommendation and tasted the pepper to see how hot I thought it was. It was very hot to me, though tasty. I immediately decided that one would be plenty and that I would cook it, not add it raw at the end. Even still, burnt lips are the result. I am pretty sure there is homemade ice cream in my near future. How I suffer!

The only food in the CSA I have been disappointed with has been the broccoli which is no biggie since my wife can't even eat broccoli and so I hardly miss it when it's a bit too old to use. This week I have everything on a list on the fridge so that I can mark it off when I use it. The first week I thought I did so good and then realized that a whole head of lettuce had got lost in the fridge.

What did we get on July 2? strawberries, fennel [bulbs], chard, lettuce, sugar and snow peas, green onions, green garlic, garlic scrapes, potatoes, cilantro, parsley, summer squash. I am trying to get some stuff cooked up so that it can be munched on the rest of the week. Sometimes I think a family of 5-6 would be better for this size box.

I have big plans for grilling the squash and some leftover kohlrabi. I will also lightly saute the chard so that it can be munched on during the week. Happy veggie summer everyone!


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