garden grows 2

I am having an incredible time with my first garden in many ways.

Ok, my lettuce totally tanked. Did I plant too late? Did I just not thin enough? I just don't know. I think I will plant more the first week of September and see if we can get a late crop.

I had a cucumber scare where I started to worry that only planting one plant would mean there would be no pollination of the beautiful flowers and that there would be no cukes. Luckily it looks like that is not happening. Which make me very happy, fresh cucumbers is one of my favorite things about summer.

My sprinkler system seems to be working fine, and we got way more rain in June than we did in May. Yes a few of my red peppers look a bit sickly hopefully some hot weather will perk them up. I keep on reminding myself I need to mulch more before I leave for India.

I got to harvest a handful of snow peas, 13 beans and some chinese cabbage! I harvested food that I grew. It still seems unbelievable. The tomatoes are growing! So is, well everything including the weeds. More peas and cherries were gathered. Really I have to say I kind of love it thus far. I hope that everyone is having a successful summer season so far. I am off to find a new cherry clafouti recipe, I know I can improve.


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