autumn equinox 2010

So far it's been a great holiday. It's been a bit hard balancing all the things I want to do with my day off and how tired and head achy I have felt. Depletion continues I guess.

Still, I had breakfast outside on the terrace next to the waterfall. It was lovely to sit in the sun and not feel too hot. We visited an apple orchard, had a picnic next to a lake, and did a short ritual welcoming autumn. The apple smell of the orchard was amazing. It was like the best apple perfume in the world. Just the memory of it makes me smile.

Now time to prepare for dinner out [Indian food], perhaps get out a few autumn decorations and try to deal gracefully with the ongoing headache. I'm going to wear my new boots in celebration of the official start of autumn. I am so happy about my favorite time of year being here.

I hope everyone finds some joy today, even if it is as simple as walking in a cloud of apple smell.


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