knitting for me, maybe

While I was worried this past week I spent some time clearing out closets. I put a lot of summer clothes away, got a big bag ready for charity, sorted and just tried to get some energy flowing. It was all uphill. I did find my only skein of Malabrigo yarn tucked away in a drawer. As I was petting it [as you do] suddenly things clicked.

The weather was cooler, I had worn my suede coat [remember] already this month. I don't have a scarf that I like. I have been in denial for a couple of years every since I had felted [accidentally!] the last scarf my mom made for me. She is in her 80's, I don't know if she'll ever knit me something again, sigh. But I am a knitter and I have no scarf.

I realized I could experiment with this skein. I am fairly short and I do not have a swan like neck. But I love wearing scarves doubled over with the ends pulled through the apex. Is it possible to knit myself a scarf that would still be cozy yet thin and drapy enough for me to wear it my preferred way without making me look neckless? Will one skein make it long enough? We'll see. It may be the worsted weight is too heavy for this experiment. I decided to take a chance, and put aside the latest baby sweater I was knitting and attempt to make something for me.

Knitting for me has not worked too well in the past, we'll see how it plays out this time. Wish me luck!


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