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It can be hardfor me post Playford ball to keep up with dancing. The summer comes rushing in, trips are planned, weekends at the lake all interfere with Sunday night English country dancing.

This year though I have made an effort to keep my schedule open and I have been enjoying it. The dances the past couple of weeks have been very nice and I have also been making it to 'challenge' night. I love challenge dance nights so much, why on earth don't I do them always?! I think the fact that it's only one night a month makes it harder for me to remember when it is.

The session today was all enjoyable, the stand outs for me:

Astoria Lass (Fried Herman waltz, duple, swirlies and chevrons. )
Trip to the Manors (Roodman 2Cpl dance, Becket formation. Merge into 1/2 heys. )
Abyss (Waltz for 3Cpls. Regency style by Allen Winston introduced by Sue Dupre)

The last one has a very odd name for a really lovely dance. Perhaps all the spinning = dizzy = falling into a deep hole? No matter I really appreciate the effort that goes into this challenge night, and it is nice to occasionally not have beginners to worry about.

Sorry, I realize that if you know nothing and don't care about English Country Dancing then this post is as dust to you. Tomorrow we chat about astrology and later on food relationships! Which may or may not be better :)


Mary R said...

I was pleased to find out, back in the day, that you good dancers have an outlet for your skills away from us novices! One of my main goals on Sunday nights is to get good enough so as not to reduce the enjoyment of those who know what they're doing.

I'm guessing that maybe your new work schedule means you're more likely to be in town Sunday evenings, or in town and doing things that are less likely to exhaust you for Mon a.m. so you also have energy for ECD?... But that's just a wild guess.

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