it's spring, bring out the bike

But I didn't have a bike to bring out. Mine was stolen last June and I spent so much time running during last summer that I vacillated about replacing it. Occasionally I rode my wife's but now I think I was grieving for my old bike.

The warm weather returned this month, gas prices shot up again and I thought more and more about biking. So I went bike shopping. Then I realized I was hesitant to buy a new bike. I felt like I couldn't afford it and I worried about that one getting stolen. [yep, I worried about a future that was unlikely to even happen...definitely human I am]

Used bikes were priced high on Craig's list and I just didn't know what to do. It seemed hard, too hard.
My wife suggested I adopt one of her bikes, so with grateful thanks I did. She bought it used but we think it's this one. Her kindness saved me from most shopping tasks although hers needed some fitting out to make it more commuter friendly, there was no way to schlep any stuff with you unless it was on your body.

Today I had my first ride of the season, in glorious spring weather and I went to a local bike shop to get a rack, maybe bags and some lights. It was about 6 miles round trip. I had to laugh though after I picked out a rack and lights, all I had was a small messenger bag, there was no way I could tote that stuff home on my rackless bike. Since it was spring the shop was much too busy to install it on the spot. So I left my stuff there and swung by later on my way to the coop in the car.

I can see I need to get used to thinking 'bike' again.
I'm still planning on running outside this season as well, I hope to finish the C25K and finally make it all the way to 5K. All this and I am planning a cheesecake and a few crocuses are blooming. What are the different ways people are celebrating spring?


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