new regrets

It is hard for me to believe it's less than 2 weeks to Beltane.

I have been mulling it over in my mind recently. Perhaps it won't rain and I'll be there at dawn to watch the current morris dancers greet the day. It's a Sunday after all, that just makes it easier.

This led to fond thoughts of morris dancing in years gone by, who knows who I might run into at the celebration... I was remembering the squire and founder of Moonwood Morris, his patience and gentleness in teaching and guiding. His lovely dancing. His flips in Rapper sword. Although I hadn't seen him in years my thoughts of him were all fond happy ones. Then last night at dancing I heard that his memorial service was yesterday. I hadn't even known he had died late 2010.

It was so weird to hear about someone's death when I had just been thinking of them as alive. It is so strange to remember all those times I thought about looking him up and saying 'hey'. That door has closed now with regret. My fond thoughts are what's left.


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