certainly surreal

The weekend we just spent up at the cottage was incredible and surreal. The weather is what gave created the dream-like quality.

It was warm, gloriously warm for northern WI, for the second weekend of October. It was summer, we wore shorts and sandals and hung out on the deck in bare feet. Over half of the leaves were off the trees, the water was warm, and many of the birds had left. Though we did hear the geese calling out as they flew through the moonlight on Saturday.

The wind kept rushing and singing through the trees and even after the sun set it was still warm all night long. We never used a jacket. The bugs, thanks to the wind and the cold snap in September, were few.

I sat and recovered from my illness. I read and read many of the 'maisie dobbs' series. I noticed connections between the depression of the 30's [the era of the novels] and the times we are living in right now. I rocked in my chair on the deck and looked at the incredibly blue sky of October that did not match the warm temps. The few gold leaves left on the Aspen fluttered constantly. Things looked almost wintery but felt like August.

It was a true gift from the universe. I don't know if the weather patterns are changing so that I'll have an autumn like this again, but it doesn't make me relish it any less. I felt stretched out by the wind and the rest.


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