so little time to say so much

So many delightful things have been happening in the past week that I have felt time-squeezed. I am going to try to remember a bunch of them.

Last Tuesday 9/27 it seemed like autumn had really started. It was like a painting as I walked across the office parking lot. The sky was a cloudy, matte grey-blue. The trees lining the drive at work. I think they may be lindens. Were just starting to turn colours and were a glorious combination of every shade of yellow, gold and green. Against the grey-blue sky they seemed to be lit from within. For me it was a perfect melding of beauty and spirit.

Since then we have had lovely autumn weather, in fact this week we are revisiting summer. The best kind of summer with low humidity, no bugs and cool nights. I just sit in the garden and look all around in delight. Riding anywhere on the bike seems like the most brilliant activity ever as does anything taking place outside.

Thursday we saw Catie Curtis perform and enjoyed it so much. It's been several years since we have seen her so we were so glad to make this one. She gave a wonderful show. Her voice, studio recordings just don't do it justice.

Then it was time for the MN Country Dance Weekend. I danced Friday night and all day Saturday, I wanted to go to the ball Saturday night but I fell asleep on the floor. They were doing a Harry Potter theme and I am so sorry that I missed it! It's been a couple of years since I have done contra and it was fun to remember what an incredible workout it is and less fun to remember how boring it can be it it's full of long spins and not much else. It did inspire me to get back to challenge contra again though if they ever offer it again.

The rest of my catch up will have to wait. I have a head cold that I think I caught while dancing. It is worth it though.


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