Happy to be Back

At last I really feel like I am home. My trip to CA seemed really long and disrupted my schedule in all ways. Then just I was getting back into a groove I needed to make a quick [read exhausting] trip to Iowa. This morning I am finally feeling grounded and here again.

I am not sure why I keep thinking I will have extra time to write when I am traveling when this has never been proved by experience. Once again my extra tiredness [and weird internet connections] kept me from doing much at all online . I really missed it.

On the plus side I haven't spent the past 2+ weeks blogging about the cold that has been dragging me down. I have been sick since October 3 and it seems to be hanging on. I still have a bit of a cough, but I did notice I could smell things again yesterday! So it seems hopeful that full recovery is arriving soon.

Almost November and Nanowrimo! Are you doing it this year? We start in less the 2 days


Anonymous said...

I see that you posted that you went to Iowa, but not about the Saab. David is dying to see it to see just how dimpled it is. Doesn't that make it sound like a sweet, friendly car? Monica

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