Best part of Iowa

We went to Iowa to pick up a car that we had bought. The trip went quite well. The weather was great. The car, though even dirtier than we expected, is great. [saab 9-5 with hail damage] It was wonderful spending several hours connecting with my wife after being gone for 8 days. I usually have great luck finding places to eat, although that didn't happen this time we had snacks in the car.

The best part though was at a rest stop in Iowa. We were walking around a bit, stretching our legs and headed for the building and my wife turned to me and said. 'We can get married here'.
It was awesome to realize that.

Here it is Samhain and I am not sure what we will be doing. I did take the day off but it seems like my long illness that was October really put a damper on my planning gene. We'll see how the day unfolds.

I am remembering those who left this past year, especially Dan. May memories of your ancestors and loved ones be of a comfort to you.


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