fourth first one

Yesterday we celebrated our fourth anniversary. The weather was eerily summer-like similar to 2007. We left for dinner with light shirts and no jackets. I wore sandals. We seriously considered eating out on the patio, it was so warm.

We finally made it to Heidi's, our first time since their opening in their new location [after the fire] I enjoyed my meal but my head cold affected my tastebuds. My healthy wife said it was one of the best meals she had all year. [and remember we ate at Chez Panisse in March]

Parking is miserable over there and we got lucky with on street parking. The new space is lovely and so is the patio. I am fortunate to have reservations there next week with friends hopefully by then I'll be able to appreciate and taste the food.

Besides being happy about getting married 4 years ago to a wonderful woman who I love more each year [so cliche but true] I also thought about this blog. This blog originally from my being engaged to be married and all that entailed for me. In a way this blog is a child of those marriage plans. For the first time I wondered "if I hadn't said yes, would I even be blogging now"?

I can't imagine not being married right now. Barring the unknown, it is where I plan to stay. And in a similar manner I feel that way about blogging, it just fits somehow.

Love to all the unlikely partnerships out there.


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