Can't Decide

There are things I want to blog about but another headache is making writing less than fun tonight.

So I went and pressed this. It gives me a smile and pause if nothing else.

But I wonder if some people would find it really irritating? Probably.
Does it depend were you are at in your life?

Other opinions? Trite? Bossy? Profound? True? Boring?

Happy 2012 to all!


Anonymous said...

Fortunately or unfortunately the button does help me feel better. Maybe because the computer tells me so. Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...

OK, that button is so cute! And then the green stripe zippping across like a software update....and then everything is ok. What a great idea! How did you find this?

engagedbliss said...

I found it by spending way too much time on the internet. Sadly.
Ah well.

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