The question-What to do with old yarn?

An answer.

I have a few old balls of acrylic that would love to become art on some grey building. Something to ponder as I continue to enjoy spring-like weather. [and finish a baby sweater]

Next question -What was this week?
Answer-No idea, it felt quite odd.

Random thoughts:

I am still full of snow from last year's abundance. My new snowshoes are languishing as I smile at the green-tan yards outside. The ponds are watery stripes of grey.

Great meditation group last night at the common ground.

After months of desire my office is cleaned up. It only took 2 afternoons. I am trying to notice why it was so stuck for so long and why it suddenly shifted. I see nothing. I am forced to assume magic.

Tonight I am going out to see a new show at the Walker. "Brazen theatrical inventiveness" sounds exhilarating. Ok time to stop trying to write. When exhilarating looks weird I know my brain is shot. I actually had to look it up, I couldn't trust spell check.

Happy weekend all!


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