whoa! what happened?

So funny story, in my last post I was babbling about how great the ceremony went and how delighted I am to be a godmother. Then that night it hit.

I got so sick. I mean really sick. The only thing I can think to compare it to is when I had food poisoning at age 12, although then it wasn't coming out in two...um...places. [you don't want details, it was so gross] It was one of those times where you feel so miserable that really death starts to seem like a friend, the theory being at least when you're dead you must feel better. I spent the next 7 days recovering, it seemed to take forever to be able to eat more than an occasional cracker. People I saw in DC were sick also, but it sounds like a few people at work had the same thing as well. So who knows where it came from. My niece took her temperature, it was 102. I am delighted I never thought to take mine, I don't think I want to know.

Needless to say blogging did not happen, hardly anything happened, every iota of energy I could raise went to work, and that still fell behind. It was the nastiest thing, pretty much ever, for me. Then it took another good week to try to catch up.
Then I realized that there was no guarantee I will ever catch up so I might as well start doing fun things like blogging again. So here I am.

I sincerely hope the advice my doctor gave for 'iron guts' in India works, because I would hate to go through this again in India.

Of course a lot of stuff can happen in 2.5 weeks, and I probably only remember half of it. Hopefully future posts will be more interesting than this one. A big shout out to my wife for being so sweet to me and taking care of me.


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