appetizers for the flower feast

There are a bunch of blooms to report on even in cold MN. A lot of them are right in my house.

I found there fabulous white 'spider?' mums at the coop for the dinner table. I put them in a short vase with sprigs of yellow forsythia. They continue to be so cheery. This was the first time I brought forsythia into the house. It really worked.

The spray roses that I mentioned earlier were heavy drinkers, I didn't realize their water got so low on Saturday, I think this is what ended their time so early. Usually spray roses stay and stay. I'm sad about this.

However one of our dinner guest brought a fabulous yellow potted Parade rose grown in Canada. I think I'll plant it outside in a few weeks, but for now I am enjoying its scent immensely indoors.

Another guest brought beautiful mauve tulips. I love them. Tulips always amaze me for their colors with hardly any scent. Basically I guess I just love flowers.

What to do with fabulous flowers when you go out of town? I guess ask your cat minder to check them, but it seems a shame to not have someone enjoying them. Should I take them with me in the car.... inquiring minds want to know.

Outside things are popping up all over. We have a few tulips open. The crocus is done. The buds on the cherry tree are fat. The peonies are awake should bloom 'on time'. The later tulips are coming up but no signs of the siberian iris which surprises me. The dandelions and violets are out on the south side, I have already started to pull those golden beauties, and the creeping Charlie is also purply on the south.

All in all it's a very hopeful start to another growing season. May is practically here, hurray!


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