dinner party V

Word count: 56,081
just look at that word count growing away again. Perhaps not like the weed that was November, more like grass in July, but still. Oh and my wife has no problem with my crush on my fictional character which is good. I still think it's pretty weird. But crushes I guess are always part of life.

We recommitted this autumn to inviting small groups of people over for dinner and Saturday is the night. We knew the date being so close to the holidays might make it more challenging but we love doing it so we are just going for it. Of course at our rate of invitation it may take us 10 years to invite all of our friends to a small dinner party it is slow going. I only mention this so that if you live in the area and have not been invited yet rest assured your time is coming. :)

Spoiler: if you are invited and you are reading this, you are about to find out what you are going to have. Squash soup, hunter's chicken [chicken cacciatora], rice, sauteed fennel bulb, apple crisp and homemade cinnamon ice cream. Cider and wine A simple meal for a cold evening in December.

In other food news, my not multi-tasking when eating is going well. I think I am at about 90%. Sometimes though I just plain forget. Like this morning I was grabbing some tuna on a cracker and was halfway through when I woke up enough to realize I was eating in front of the computer. Still progress.

I hope all are well and looking forward to fabulous weekends.


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