story time

word count: 54,393
Writing is happening again and I could not be happier about that. It's nice to have something to feel positive about.

Luckily this is just a first draft because my lack of knowledge about Amsterdam, dutch culture can be something of a hang up. I don't think there is anyone from the Netherlands reading this blog, but how I wish there was. I would have a million questions to ask. :)

I was actively missing my story the past 5 days or so and dreaming about it at night. Which ended up being helpful because sometimes I have no idea how to get to where my story is ultimately going. It feels so great to be back at it. I am hoping to get quite a bit done on it through the end of the month, but more importantly at this point I am hoping to enjoy it. Because I need some happy in my life right now.

Oh and my lead character is hot and I definitely have a crush on her. It has gone beyond liking.


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