the lovely insanity of nanowrimo

Here it the start of Nanowrimo and I am ready to dive in. Unfortunately work and a meeting will get in the way of writing until the evening, but still it seems enough that the day is here.

And as if the craziness of writing 50K words of complete dreck for the month wasn't enough I have a secret samhain wish. A secret goal.

I would love to write a complete first draft of dreck this month. Not just 50K words but all the way to the end of the first draft. [wow, it was even scary typing that out]

This of course means about 80K words which averages out to another 1000 words a day [or so]. Let's be generous and call it 2700 words a day. That number just wants to make me laugh. Because I am not one of the lucky ones who can take all of November off. And although I have 6 vacation days this month, I also have a full week of training and lots of other responsibilities.
I don't know it it can even be done. I will be happy, very happy if I get to my nano 50K goal seriously, but part of me would love to have a completed draft on December 1? It's good to have goals, right?


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