so on the first day of autumn

How I spent my equinox.
I wore my brown boots. I started to break in new shoes. I finished a wool scarf, this one, finally.
an aside for knitters:
Seriously it's just silly that it took me so long to finish this. The chill of equinox got me going and it worked out pretty well. Long enough to wear my preferred way and very cozy. One skein was plenty, I have leftovers. But why did I wait so long???

I had a leisurely brunch with a friend. I rode my bike, I worked on my recent creative wind up to Nanowrimo. [how are you getting ready for nano?] I sat by the waterfall[s] in the garden and enjoyed the sun.

That evening I was out with my wife to have dinner down by the river and take in a show. Poor Ellis had lost her voice shortly before the show, it made for a very interesting evening, I think for all of us, and I certainly appreciate her telling us that it didn't actually hurt because it sounded painful at times. It was cool though to hear familiar songs in a new way and the set seemed different because of her 'new' deep voice. I hope she heals quickly. I will always remember her graciousness and ease during a frustrating situation when I have forgotten other shows when all was 'perfect'.

At some point during the night I dreamed that my wife and I were shopping for dining room tables, that was a weird one. All in all a lovely start to autumn and I hope all are having a great weekend. xo


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