32nd Playford -- Theme and Tiaras

This year's theme for the Playford ball is "Midwinter Gossamer". I dance with several close friends and I wasn't alone in asking, "what the hell does that mean?" The graphic on the announcement was fairies which helped a little. However my gown from last year has no gossamer qualities and the internets were not very helpful although I did learn there is a whole line of gossamer backpacking equipment. 

So I mentioned my confusion to my wife and she immediately offered to make me a new gown. Her keen engineer mind readily took on the challenge of making a sheer chiffon overdress in a misty slate color. warning--do not use chiffon unless you like a challenge. We found a silk for the under dress and we were set. My duties consisted of admiring as she worked, running errands and feeling very lucky. The last is not entirely dress related. 

I wondered how to live up to my new dress and use that theme. I ruled out dancing in wings immediately. I considered glitter gel. Then inspiration, why not a tiara?

not easy to photo a tiara
This time the internets came through. I found a great tutorial on the old thread banger site and ideas sparked like light flashing on jewels. Using the basic guide I was able to create something in 3 hours with crystal beads and copper wire. Since it is head band style it is comfortable and stays put even when dancing. Although lightweight I need to acclimate to hours of wearing it, so you will frequently find me wearing it while writing or thinking or washing dishes.

We are in the honeymoon phase but I think this tiara might be changing my life. We spend a lot of time together. I talk about the tiara to friends. In fact I suspect I may be boring people about tiaras. I hope you all can hang in there with me [and the tiara].


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